05 July 2023

In silico medicine: not a solution but the healthcare revolution!

Organised by the European Society of Cardiology, the Radical Health Festival, (14-17 June 2023, Helsinki, Finland) brought together major digital health stakeholders, such as policy makers, payers, tech developers, scientists, and patients, who covered in their talks form AI, cyber, innovation, mental health, climate health, active ageing, telehealth, digital maturity, and in silico medicine.

The session on in silico medicine, chaired by Gerhard Hindricks, Professor of Cardiology, University of Leipzig, and Joost Lummens, professor of Computational Cardiology, Maastricht University Medical Center, was dedicated to illustrating how Digital Twin technology can change clinical cardiology practice and how in silico trials can facilitate innovation in cardiology.

Liesbet Geris, Professor in Biomechanics and Computational Tissue Engineering at the University of Liège and KU Leuven, and VPH Institute’s executive director, opened the session with an overview of in silico medicine past, present and future in Europe, from the EuroPhysiome to the European Virtual Human Twin EDITH-CSA.