22 June 2023

The preliminary version of the First Draft of the VHT Roadmap for Public Consultation is now published!

Are you interested in the new frontier of health technology and in broadening your knowledge on the Virtual Human Twin (VHT) state-of-the-art? Look no further. The preliminary version of the first draft of the VHT Roadmap has just been published for public consultation!

This preliminary version of the draft of the VHT Roadmap offers a unique opportunity to gauge the current status of the discussions in the field of VHT. The documents starts with an overview of the state-of-the-art of the relevant technology and policy areas, followed by in-depth chapters on vision, resources, tech stack and standards, regulatory and legal aspects. Through this text, readers will gain insights into the current concepts and ideas on how these elements can be leveraged and be put together to realise an integrated Virtual Human Twin and accompanying public infrastructure.

EDITH encourages you to provide your input, comments, suggestions, directly on the draft document to be able to encompass your fruitful observations for the improvement of the preliminary version of this roadmap. To facilitate more dynamic discussions, we have also opened a slack channel in the In Silico World Community of Practice.

Funded by the European Union, EDITH is committed to driving innovation and collaboration in the field of the VHT and beyond. By giving your inputs, you’ll have the chance to exchange suggestions with like-minded professionals worldwide and build a valuable document that can help propel VHT research forward.  After summer, the fully public phase will start where the concepts and ideas put forward in the first draft of the roadmap will be further discussed and elaborated in a series of public initiatives with an open invitation to all interested parties.

Whether you are just interested in this cutting-edge technology or looking to expand your existing knowledge, the preliminary draft of the VHT Roadmap is the appropriate opportunity to take your ideas to the next level.

Join us on the EDITH Public Discussion SLACK Channel to unlock the full potential of the VHT research!