Timeline & Achievements

Use Cases

Five use-cases (related to specific applications in cancer, cardiovascular, intensive care, osteoporosis, and brain) have been preselected for early prototyping of the simulation platform, thus allowing EDITH to start working on tangible examples of existing virtual twins. Most of the selected use-cases are currently being tested in a clinical setting in one or more institutions in Europe. EDITH partners responsible for the use-cases represent both technical developers and clinical users. These use-cases cover all the relevant elements of the platform: model types (multi-scale, multi-physics mechanistic models, data-driven models), dataset types (omics, images) and sizes, computational demands (High Performance Computing, cloud), access demands (multiple different users, real-time), possibilities for integration (linking resources across different scales and different application domains), and links to existing repositories. In addition, the SEEK infrastructure, developed by the FAIRDOM initiative, implements the Investigations–Studies–Assays (ISA) structure and it is a well-suited service to bridge between EDITH’s repository and the simulation platform.


Proposals for other use-cases (or integration of/into the pre-selected ones) are welcome.
Potential proposers are requested to click here.