04 Juin 2024

Spot on a use case: EDITH Develops Virtual Twins for Aggressive Brain Cancer

EDITH is working on developing Virtual Twins for aggressive brain cancers through a platform designed to improve prognosis and predict the impact of specific drug treatments on tumour cell proliferation. This platform aims to be a future alternative to assist clinicians in identifying more efficient patient-specific therapies with optimized drug dosages and combinations.

The Virtual Twin technology connects molecular, cellular, and tissue scales to aid in patient-specific prognosis, enhance early detection, and define treatments aimed at improving survival rates. The corresponding models are executed on Marenostrum5, part of the EuroHPC pre-exascale systems, and utilize additional computational resources from the Spanish Supercomputing Network (RES).

The development of this use case has been crucial in establishing the infrastructure needed to disseminate the use of Virtual Twins among end-users, such as clinicians and technology companies, thereby expanding its potential use. The potential implications of this use case in Personalized Medicine and cancer treatment have been discussed within the context of several EU-funded projects, including PerMedCoE, EOSC4Cancer, iPC, CREXDATA, and ONCOLOGICS.