17 April 2024

EDITH technical meeting: new insights for the future!

From 15 to 17 April 2024, the EDITH consortium met for a technical meeting organised by ATHENA at the co-working space ‘Impact Hub Athens’ in the centre of Athens, Greece.
The first day was dedicated to technical discussions and demonstrations on the progress made so far on the different objectives, such as the simulation platform, the repository, the roadmap and the ecosystem in general.

The core part of the meeting was the preparation and presentation of several external use cases tackled on the second day after a brief introduction of EDITH. “EDITH use cases are now ready to walk you through the EDITH platform. The essential tools and services will be incorporated into this initial version of the platform to provide an integrated demonstration.” – says Amaryllis Raouzaiou, responsible for simulation platform development.

“After the finishing touches made during the EDITH Athens meeting, the EDITH repository is now prepared to accept submissions of new EDITH use cases that will make available their models, workflows, and datasets to the EDITH Community.”- Continued Sabato Mellone, resposible for the repository proof of concept.

The meeting ended on the third day with a plenary session where the responsibilities and gaps in finalising the roadmap, including the recommendations for the European Commission, were defined and the EDITH sustainability and mapping were tackled.

“The adoption of Virtual Human Twins in healthcare must necessarily include the needs, wants and expectations of the different stakeholders in the ecosystem; That is why in EDITH we follow an inclusive ecosystem approach for writing the roadmap”, concluded Lies Geris, the EDITH project coordinator and the VPH Institute executive director.