22 December 2023

The Virtual Human Twins Manifesto is online!

The Virtual Human Twins (VHT) Manifesto, “a Statement of Intent on Development, Evidence and Adoption in Health Systems”, is online!

As an essential element of the European VHT initiative, this Statement not only fosters collaboration in the current VHT ecosystem by bringing together different ecosystem players supporting this flagship initiative of the European Commission, but also facilitates the framework for further collaboration.

The European VHT initiative promotes and accelerates the development of integrated, validated digital representations of the human body. VHTs hold significant potential for medical research and healthcare by contributing to a deeper understanding of human physiology, pathology and disease aetiology and enabling personalised, patient-centred medicine.

This initiative includes the planned European VHT platform, which will enable the pooling of resources and assets to further develop the science and technology needed to build VHTs solutions in health and care.