17 October 2023

EDITH is launching a Call for Use-cases and Resources: Your work in the VHT catalogue and repository!

In view of proceeding with tangible examples of existing virtual twins, EDITH has been working until now on five preselected use-cases, intensive care, cancer, cardiovascular, osteoporosis, and brain. They represent many relevant elements of the Virtual Human Twin (VHT) simulation platform that needs to be designed, such as model types, dataset types, computational requirements, access policies, and interoperability with existing repositories. They are currently being tested in clinical settings in various institutions in Europe and EDITH partners are responsible for them as technical developers and clinical users.
In a first implementation step towards the VHT infrastructure, EDITH will establish a catalogue and federated repository where resources will be collected (models, data, algorithms). Thanks to the intensive work that has been carried out, EDITH is now ready to launch a call for further use-cases and resources to be included in the catalogue and repository. Regardless of the degree of maturity and complexity of your resource, we can evaluate together how to include it in the catalogue or repository. If you are interested in sharing your work with the VHT community or be part of the new round of VHT use-case, please fill out the information form here and we will get back to you!